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Promenade C1 Clone Information
(includes photos, contact and pricing information, and a PDF of the Promenade C1 manual)

Cottonwood BBS Informational Website

Commodore 64/128 BBS List

Anything Commodore User Group's Website

Photos of a Lt. Kernal Host Adapter and 128 Daughterboard

Photos of Robert Bernardo's TurboMaster CPU Accelerator and Warpspeed 2.0 cartridge

SD2IEC Photos

Photos from the SC3 Arcade Party on 24 April 2010

ICT Mini Chief hard drive docs, ROM, and labels (Zipped, 1.02 MB)

8250lp/SFD-1001 Technical Manual

SFD-1001 Test/Demo disk
(in original .d82 format, Zipped)

SFD-1001 Test/Demo disk
(converted to .d64 format, Zipped)

VIC-1540 Test/Demo disk (Zipped D64)

Blitz! 128 and other C128 Utilities (Zipped D64)

DesTerm128 v2.01 (Zipped D81)

TouchTerm v3.7 (Zipped D64)

KeyDOS v2.3 (C128 Function ROM)

KeyDOS Utilities & Documentation (Zipped D64)

KeyDOS Documentation file only (ASCII text file)

The Servant v4.84 (C128 Function ROM)

WarpSpeed V2.0 Manual & ROM

PROMOS 1.1 for VIC-20&C64, PROMOS 2.0 for C64&C128, and Promenade-AID v4.2 (Zipped D64)

PromShell v2.0 (Zipped D64)

Omnitronix Deluxe RS-232 Interface Manual (Zipped JPEG's, 17.5MB)

Omnitronix Deluxe RS-232 Interface Manual (Zipped PDF, 1.04MB)

A collection of most versions of Arkive and Library, EVERY version of Lynx by Will Corley, as well as Will Corley's U-1541 utility disk (Zipped .d64's)

A Collection of 21 disks of PETSCII art (Zipped .d64's)

MP3 of the M.U.L.E. theme song

Customized copy of SEXPOTS