Promenade C1 Clone Information

A clone of the Promenade C1 EPROM programmer, called the Megabit C1 Clone is made by Dan Newbury, who can be reached by e-mail at The Megabit C1 Clone is 100% compatible with the original Promenade C1 EPROM Programmer, made by the Jason-Ranheim company. Dan only charges the cost of parts plus a little for his time to make the Megabit C1 Clone, which comes to $100, plus the cost of shipping to wherever you're at. Click here to view a PDF flyer for the Megabit C1 Clone.

Dan also makes an adapter, called the Megabit Programmer, that can be used with the Promenade C1 that will allow someone with a C1 programmer to program a 1meg, 2meg, 4meg and 8meg EPROM (27C010, 27C020, 27C040, 27C080). As an example of the amount of storage, a person could put 64 ea. 16k cartridge programs in one 8meg EPROM. Here's a photo of the Megabit Programmer:

This adapter will work with an original Promenade C1 or with the Promenade C1 Clone. The cost of the Megabit Programmer is $75 plus shipping. Click here to view a PDF flyer for the Megabit Programmer.

Click here to download a PDF of the Promenade C1 manual, including schematics and diagrams of the Promenade C1.

Click here to download a PDF of a list of EPROMs supported by the Promenade C1.